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What's Your Diagnosis

What's Your Diagnosis

A 2-month-old infant had right submandibular swelling with inflammation and induration up to the nape of neck. Ultrasonography showed multiple enlarged lymph nodes with soft tissue swelling. Blood cultures grew Gram-positive cocci, which were identified as group B streptococci. Late-onset GBS infection is acquired from colonized household contacts.

These circumferential symmetric skin creases are called the “Michelin Tire baby syndrome” because of their striking resemblance to the mascot of the French tire manufacturer.

Digital extension; joint hypermobility; skin elasticity with keloid scars; pectus and scoliosis from skeletal flexibility and deformation; these disparate symptoms and findings point to what diagnosis?

An 11-year-old African American girl was hospitalized with new fever in the context of unexplained cervical chain lymphadenopathy. WBC and ANC were low, ESR and LDH levels were elevated. Does the image here offer a clue to the ultimate diagnosis?

A 6-month-old boy with 1-week history of dry cough that worsened at night. He had been wheezing off and on for the past month and had visited the emergency department on one occasion.

A 2-year-old girl has been followed for developmental delays and slow weight gain by her pediatrician and early childhood intervention therapists. The 17-year-old, first-time mother was also a runaway and had avoided early prenatal care. More details and questions for you, here.

A 1-month-old girl was seen by her pediatrician for her first well-child visit. Sclera were mildly yellow but no other signs of jaundice were seen. During a diaper change, the infant passed very pale stool.


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