Pediatric Asthma

Pediatric Asthma

Pediatric asthma guidelines

In the United States asthma affects nearly 7 million children. Brush up on the core components of pediatric asthma care with this short slide show.

Here: an overview of the pathophysiology of chronic cough, its epidemiology and etiology; the clinical evaluation, diagnostic workup, and a summary of treatment options.

The authors describe the case of a 2-year-old girl with severe persistent asthma whose disease management was complicated by this rare clinical diagnosis.

This distribution of an inflammatory disorder in a very young child almost always indicates atopic dermatitis. The family history of asthma suggests the atopic diathesis.

Persistent cough and bronchitis are common, and normal, among children. Here are some home treatments I have recommended.

Regular spirometry to monitor lung function ensures successful asthma management—even in children. Here, a refresher for pediatricians on how to evaluate flow-volume curves.

Here to discuss her observations about controller medication use and sleep problems in children with asthma is Michelle Garrison, MD.


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