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Diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia, hypothyroidism—these endocrine disorders and others are major reasons why patients come to you. Find out what you know, and don’t know, here.


Should calcium supplementation be SOP? Are all high-fat foods bad? Does the “3500 calorie rule” work? Noodle these and other nutrition questions.

Obesity was declared a hormone-based disease in 2012, creating the need for a structured approach to obesity medicine. The AACE has taken the lead.

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Researchers discover new evidence about the interplay between environment and health.

Only one-third of patients with eating disorders are ever asked about their problems with food. Screening in primary care is essential.

A new study found that in obese college students with significant visceral fat, specific brain regions became insulin-resistant.


Underweight means highest risk, say researchers.


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