What figures into your differential of a slowly enlarging asymptomatic plaque, like the one on this child's hand?

New guidelines recommend benzoyl peroxide for most patients with comedonal acne and all patients with inflammatory acne—especially those who receive a topical or oral antibiotic as therapy, in whom it can prevent antibiotic resistance.

Would Mohs surgery be indicated for this 68-year-old man?

Texting without gloves while sitting on a ski lift explains the onset of this rash in a patient with a long history of widespread psoriasis.

This woman was snowboarding over a very cold weekend and developed a pustular rash at night after her activities.

These discolored, scaly lesions on this young man’s trunk have recurred for the past 2 summers. He reports that the rash becomes “irritated and itchy” when he is in the sun.

You might not think of sarcoidosis in this patient’s case, but that’s the point. Here: teaching points about a disease not to be missed.


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