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Pain from ear infections can be reduced at home and during plane travel using ibuprofen and home remedies: cold water, warm compresses, and paper cups

High fevers; more fatigue; rapid onset of illness distinguish influenza from colds and other viral conditions. Here, more diagnostic pearls here from Dr. Pytlak's blog.

Persistent cough and bronchitis are common, and normal, among children. Here are some home treatments I have recommended.

West Virginia (the state in which I practice) was not one of the 10 best places to live if you have autism, according to this year’s survey from Autism Speaks. Although thanks to a piece of legislation enacted this month, it is now a better place to live if you have autism. Your state can become better too.

In a conference last week, President Obama announced a new Web site http://stopbullying.gov to help raise awareness about the issue. This is part of an effort to encourage cooperation between government agencies and educators to protect children from bullying based on race, ethnicity, disability, or sexuality. Are you an advocate for prevention? Share your antibullying efforts with colleagues.

Cigarettes don’t belong in children’s cartoons, nor does violence or sexual innuendos. Other story features such as revenge and traumatic deaths are not so child-friendly; however, they often make an appearance in kid flicks. How effective would an “R” rating be at preventing references to smoking in movies meant for young audiences?

It is midwinter. I’m tired of the cold weather and the white stuff falling from the sky. Lately, I’ve been thinking about another type of white stuff that often gets a bad rap—white rice and white foods in general. Rice cereal has a special significance for pediatric health care providers because it is typically the first solid food that is recommended for the 4 to 6 month old. Recently, I read about a pediatrician who is encouraging the use of brown rice cereal or a homemade brown rice mash or vegetable puree, instead of white rice cereal.


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