Preterm birth increases the risk of infant mortality and autism, but poor academic and social outcomes are likely caused by confounding factors and not preterm birth itself.

Exposure to pollution in early life may increase the risk of autism spectrum disorders, according to researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health.

The aggregation of psychiatric diagnoses in individual psychiatric patients, ie, the presence of multiple disorders in one individual, is a curious and sometimes disturbing observation in psychiatry.

With proper assessment and treatment, primary care physicians can help improve their sleep habits and quality.

Autism spectrum disorders affect 1 in 100 children and the prevalence is 3 times higher in females. One-third of all children with autism have seizures.

In many climates, a cold February is relieved a bit by the Super Bowl and then by Valentine’s Day—a symbol of hope for falling in love, sometimes suddenly and unexpectedly.

In response to publicity about an alleged but erroneous link between vaccination and autism, the number of children who are being immunized has decreased. This is of concern because many vaccine-preventable diseases have potentially devastating and even lethal consequences.


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