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Terry Brenneman, MD

Terry Brenneman, MD

Dr. Brenneman is the founding partner of a small, independent pediatric practice. He has a special interest in vaccines, serving as a Principal Investigator for multiple clinical trials and has given numerous talks on vaccines throughout the southeast. Medical students and nurse practitioner students rotate through his office and he was named "Preceptor of the Year" by the University of North Carolina School of Nursing. Dr. Brenneman serves on the Editorial Board of PatientCareOnline.com.

Posts by Author

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Missed opportunities result in under-vaccinated children and adults. Clinicians often mistakenly elect not to give a vaccine thinking that a contraindication exists.

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Vaccine shorthand can simplify or confuse. Test your knowledge of the alphabet soup and get valuable CDC links to help decode.

Not all vaccine information websites were created with evidence-based medicine in mind. Which of these would you recommend to patients?

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The optimal window for administering the Tdap vaccine during pregnancy is later rather than earlier in the third trimester. How much later?

There are 4 possible answers offered here as to what compromised the vaccine's efficacy. What's your pick?


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