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Brady Pregerson, MD

Brady Pregerson, MD

Dr Pregerson is a staff emergency physician at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside. He is the author of the Tarascon Emergency Department Quick Reference Guide, the A to Z Pocket Pharmacopoeia, and Quick Essentials: Emergency Medicine. He is also Editor in Chief of EMresource.org, a free online medical education Web site for emergency medicine and urgent care practitioners.

Posts by Author

A 75-yo man presents with worsening asthenia and exertional dyspnea x2 weeks. Based on labs and CXR, what is your next step?

What type of injury is seen on this x-ray of a young boy's elbow? Outward signs of trauma are negligible.

The patient with hypertension and syncope had cardiac tamponade. Causes, symptoms, and treatment described here.

A man with a history of hypertension had syncope and felt “sweaty.” Chest x-ray was normal. What’s your next test?

A 56-year-old man comes to your office for two “spells” he’s had in the past three days, each lasting approximately 20-30 seconds before resolving spontaneously. The first was blurry vision in both eyes without other vision changes.

Patient describes 2 short "spells," one of blurry vision and another of tingling in an extremity. Tinnitus begins in your office.

A 56-year-old man comes to your office for his yearly executive physical. He mentions that he has had 3 days of epigastric pain with occasional radiation to his mid-back.

Epigastric pain x3 days in an otherwise healthy middle-aged man prompts an in-office abdominal ultrasound. What do you see?

What is the plant most likely responsible for these symptoms and how would you treat?

A middle-aged man who has not seen a doctor in "years" presents with nausea, vomiting, and asthenia that have worsened over "weeks to months." Your EKG read?


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