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Hymenal Tag

Hymenal Tag

The mass protruding from the introitus of this 1-month-old girl was first noted at birth. She was born to a 26-year-old primigravida at term after an uncomplicated pregnancy and normal spontaneous delivery. The mother was not taking any medications during the pregnancy. There was no history of birth trauma.

No vaginal bleeding was noted.

The infant was not in distress. The flesh-colored smooth-surfaced lesion protruding from the vagina was characteristic of a hymenal tag. The rest of the examination findings were unremarkable.

Hymenal tags are present in 3% to 13% of normal female newborns. The tags are commonly located in the superior and inferior positions and tend to resolve spontaneously. New hymenal tags may appear postnatally as a result of extension of an intravaginal or external hymenal ridge.

The parents were reassured of the benign nature of the lesion and that it will resolve with time.

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